What is Learnify?

An educational portal that will prepare you for life in the 21st century. Because we believe that learning is a lifelong and never-ending process, it is necessary to constantly look for new ways. Learnify offers a variety of training courses that meet modern trends and users’ demands for their educational needs. We deal with education for individuals, companies and schools and thus strive for the most comfortable digital transformation of individuals or entire institutions.

Online education for companies and individuals.

Study online. Uninhibited.

Who is Learnify for?

Individuals, sole traders

Education is a never-ending process.
With us, you have everything for one subscription, premium version and online support.

company teams

Higher productivity and abilities through education in a comprehensible form. Softskills, hardskills, tailor-made courses.


The development of digital competences in schools is important for quality teaching. For teachers and students.


With us, everyone really chooses

Courses for companies

We think that the path to higher work productivity and skills is through education. Especially in the context of the digital skills that dominate the market today.

Courses for schools

We’re trying to show that teaching those who teach makes sense. Especially when it is competent teachers who, with the right education, can greatly influence teaching.

Training and consultation

It is clear to us that online education through courses is not everything. So we are happy to offer consultations and training that respond to specific problems.

List of topics of our courses

Digital competence

Life in the 21st century also entails the daily need to know the fundamental principles for movement in the virtual world. From data literacy to digital security.

Digital services
and tools

In addition to an overview of the principles and principles of digital skills, it is also necessary to be able to work with specific digital services and tools. And believe us, there are plenty of them.

and Google

There are a lot of services and tools from Microsoft and Google. Their own ecosystems connect individual tools that can be used in a very diverse way.

Soft Skills

Today, the so-called soft skills are increasingly emphasised. In combination with digital technologies, we talk, for example, about the ability to present or communicate online.

For Schools

Some of our courses also focus on the area of education itself. They show how to innovate teaching and use modern digital services and tools. Digital technologies are now an indispensable part of this area.

Our courses

Our offer of courses includes five key categories. These deepen the individual areas that touch digital technologies in any way and how they can be used. Choose from our categories the ones that really interest you.

Digital competence
Soft Skills
For schools
Digital services and tools

English version of content on request only


Register and study

We are only at the beginning and will be happy for any feedback. That is why we offer all our existing courses to study completely free of charge. Sign up and join us on a lifelong learning path.
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